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GPS Tracker for USA


In case of theft  looking for a good GPS tracking system for my Tiger 900.
Attach to battery or rechargeable batteries?   I donít like the thought of recharging it very often.  Sleep mode- just turn it on after theft?   
Would love to have one w out a monthly subsrription, just pay a fee when you need to activate?

Using a MiCODUS MV400G tracker on my 900 GT Pro and loving the feeling always knowing where my bike is.

Even recorded a 40 km/h over speedlimit testride my mechanic did for the 1000km service :084:

The tracker has multiple alarms: crash/collision (9 levels), speed, geo-fence.
It also has cut off fuel function and supports power disconnect and low battery alarm. Even has a SOS button option.

The MV400G has iOT 4G band. There is also a MV401G with LTE-4G.
Donít know witch version is better in the USA.

It has an internal battery AND is connected to my motorcycle battery.

No subscription other then a M2M SIM card is required.

Works with their own (free) platform ( but can communicate with other tracking services.

For fleetmanagement purposes their platform can be upgraded (for a fee nodoubt)


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