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Planning Cape York (Aust) mid 2022. How to prepare and what 'could I break'

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Looking at the Bucket list and time to bite the proverbial.

Putting aside 2020, I have put around 15k on my 15 XCX in just over a year of riding and pretty happy with the set up so far but now planning for a serious off road adventure.

Will provide some map links and examples of the trek 'later' but first step is getting out a big piece of plain paper and wanting to poll everyone on how I should set up the bike. (I will post my current set up in another response)

To put things into context, one of my mates needs to buy a bike for the trip and currently looking at say a KLR, 650 GS BMW, Versys or similar.

So when looking at a few forums I am amazed at what one would have to do to set up the KLR. Off road they are capable of breaking lots of things which got me to thinking what don't I know about the Tiger.

So here goes, what don't I know guys, what breaks, what is a good investment, what do I need to consider now:

For the Oz guys, who has done it, please share.  (btw it wont be the full telegraph Track .. thats for DRZ guided tours)


Upfront I have dirt ridden all my life but not on something like a Tiger but setting it up as if it was a dirt bike.

Work/set up to date;

Akrapovic Exhaust, Commander V, Unifilter pre sock and K&N main filter.
Explorer bars with Bark Busters
Aftermarket Levers that fold away and LED indicators tucked out of the way.
Removed the pillion peg mounting tubes, fitted an alloy plate over the rear brake master.
Foldable gear lever
Tubeless front and rear. About to go shopping for Motoz (thanks to Aussie tiger - already have full tire change equip, tube and mini compressor)
Increased preload in the front suspension and fitted neoprene seal protection socks. (will service & replace oil this year)
Radguard Radiator surround & Pivot Pegz
Built my own 'tool boxes' either side and mounted Nelson Riggs soft vinyl bags
Covered the main fuse under the Battery with conductive grease (may set up a drain fitting and tube)
Removed all the front plastics
Pulled down, cleaned and greased all the suspension bearings (front and rear) plus just bought tapered bearings to change the front head set.
Cobbra Nemo chain oiler with my own mix of gear oil and chain and bar
Comprehensive tool kit under pillion seat including chain breaker, links and lots of bits n pieces including epoxy repair glues.
Std alloy bash plate that I will look at reinforcing ??? ideas.
Spare clutch cable

On the list to do;
Fuel filter - gauze in tank type. Have Metho for water.
Post tank high pressure filter ?? Can something go inline to the injectors?
Another spare pre sock and filter cleaning & re oiling kit, and maybe material style dust socks ... can you still get them?... shake everyday and recover the pre sock.)

VERY Long stretches of dirt road with lots of corrugations, very fast 4WDs with trailers and vans, road trains with 3 or more trailers, sand, more sand and sand that looks like sand but maybe fine dust. (Bull dust)
Recommended to pull over in a safe place in the dust if being passed... so thick other vehicles may not see you !!!

Yet to decide what parts of the Telegraph Track we can do safely but likely to do day trips to the major attractions and stay close to the main road. Will have tents and camping gear but utilise fuel stops / camp areas with meals etc where we can.

Are you riding all the way from Melbourne?
If so I would be staging a new set of off road tyres in say Cairns and using a set of road biased tyres to get to Cairns and then back to Melbourne. It's what 2700km each way to Cairns by the short way and another 700 or so to the top from there. Any dirt tyre you use to ride there would be as square as a car tyre by the time you get to need to working off road.
I would also practice fixing flats on the front and rear wheels until I could do it blindfolded in the dark with one arm behind my back.
Lastly. Buy RACV Total care before you leave if you don't have it.

Haha K1W1. I know how to but its not my favorite job.

Who sits around with a few beers and practices that ???

Need to work through the logistics of getting the bike there and back. Have a base in Townsville which is the guy looking at KLRs at the moment and also kicking around the idea of riding up early in 2022, doing some test runs with the guys, replacing tires, leaving my bike and flying home. Fly back up for the trip. One of the guys lives in Gold Coast so maybe pick him up on the way through.

Personally I would encourage them both to do an off road riding skills course, I would do it as well and hone the craft. Confidence is certainly one of the biggest.

We are currently putting out the word to see if any of my Tville friends mates is interested in doing 4WD Ute back up.
That would make a huge difference but we need to plan without that just incase it falls through anyway.

Have just bought 2 x UHF radios and looking to set up Blue Tooth via a small adaptor into Helmet comms. A guy in Melb has proven the system on you tube. Will have the UHFs in the next week but need to program then first, get all the accessories and blue tooth gear plus I need to get a new Helmet, goggles (haha) and Sena system.

We know we are going to get separated so comms is important including talking to Trucks and 4WDs.

The post that just went down the time out pipe was the one about KLRs, so here goes again.

When reading lots of threads on the KLRs they are somewhat weak on the hardware for the rear pack rack and frame bolts.

Off roaders appear to replace everything with High Tensile, drill the captive nuts and fit HT bolts and nylocs.
Some sub frame bolts are also suspect so they need HT and Loctite.

So that begs the question what is the Tiger like. What breaks ?? Its not something I noticed on any of the Forums.


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