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Just received my latest BMF email and this proposal by Northumbria's PCC is a scary proposal.
As said, don't effectively treat the majority of us a 'tagged criminals'. :172:
My only comment is 2 words ... the 1st begins with 'F' and the 2nd is 'Off'. :232:

It's ok to pass your driving test and jump in a Ferrari though.

On Twitter she has commented that its only to track unroadworthy bikes being used off road etc, so exactly the bikes that the hooligans will have stripped the tracker from anyway  plus how would the old bill know which tracker needed activation if the bike is not showing a number plate and is hot footing it across a football pitch at 50mph - sounds like it was an idea dreamt up in a moment of boredom and after a bottle of gin.


....this proposal by Northumbria's PCC is a scary proposal.
Isn't she up for re-election for the PCC on the 6th May ? Could be why she's making news ?

Maybe time to vote her out if you're in that area  :169:

Just vote for anyone but her !  :001:


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