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Givi S250 Tool Box Fitting to PLR6401

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Hi folks, has anyone found a suitable Givi fitting kit to install their S250 tool box to the older PLR6401 pannier rack?

Givi site recommends the TL1146KIT but that's for the PLR6409 which replaced my PLR6401, so I contacted Givi directly to confirm.  They told me they don't have a kit specifically for the PLR6401 and therefore couldn't recommend any of their kits!  What a joke!

Fitting to my (2015) 800 XRx.

I spoke to a Givi retailer over the phone and he understood the problem, but couldn't offer a guaranteed solution.  He suggested the TL1146KIT would "probably" work, but may need some minor modification work.  Problem is that the kits are around 60 so it's a lot of money to take a punt on, and the seller can't offer a kit to trial fit or return.  Once it's opened it's mine.

Just wondering if anyone else has faced this same issue and managed to find a solution?

This is the offending PLR6401 rack.  I added the dimensions to help the Givi retailer.

I tried contacting Givi again and got through to someone more sympathetic to my plight, but they couldn't really help.  So I took a punt on the standard fitting kit, (S250KIT).
This is the basic all rounder that can work of a number of bikes.  It might not be a perfect fit for your bike and pannier rack combination but I managed to get it to work for this.
I had to drill an extra hole in the bracket (yellow circle), and also had to change the angle of one of the holding arms (blue arrow), but I got there.
The toolbox is a very snug fit between the pannier rack and bike, but it's OK, (photo below shows how tight).  You have to install it in quite a specific way which I can't really explain, it becomes quite obvious when you attempt to install and realise you need to slacken something first or hold something in.  Trial and error is all I can offer on that part.

There is a nut (red circle) that's tight against the angled arm (blue arrow).  This part was quite tricky.  You need to have one of the flat sides of this nut being parallel with the blue arm, simply because the fit is so tight.  Install the arm but then pull it out from the bottom (purple circle) so that you have space to tighten the nut (red circle).  When the nut is tight, make sure a flat side is parallel with the arm and then push the arm back into place.  There is some fouling between the nut and arm but you can get them side by side as in the picture.

Important note, you'll need a tap and die set as you need to fully tap the holes (green circles).  These two holes are only tapped about two thirds of the way through the frame, you need to remove the bolts and then thread all the way through with a tap.  It's in the instructions.  If it helps, I did it with a cheap tap & die set from lidl and it was my first attempt at tapping a hole.  No dramas at all, anyone can do it.

Hopefully this helps anyone unlucky enough to have the same "old" PLR6401 pannier rack as me!!


Well written and explained, How watertight is the toolbox ?

Thanks very much.
I haven't checked the waterproof properties of the case yet but I'll do that and report back as soon as I can.


Thanks Baz,


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