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Givi S250 Tool Box Fitting to PLR6401
« on: April 16, 2021, 05:02:22 PM »
Hi folks, has anyone found a suitable Givi fitting kit to install their S250 tool box to the older PLR6401 pannier rack?

Givi site recommends the TL1146KIT but that's for the PLR6409 which replaced my PLR6401, so I contacted Givi directly to confirm.  They told me they don't have a kit specifically for the PLR6401 and therefore couldn't recommend any of their kits!  What a joke!

Fitting to my (2015) 800 XRx.

I spoke to a Givi retailer over the phone and he understood the problem, but couldn't offer a guaranteed solution.  He suggested the TL1146KIT would "probably" work, but may need some minor modification work.  Problem is that the kits are around 60 so it's a lot of money to take a punt on, and the seller can't offer a kit to trial fit or return.  Once it's opened it's mine.

Just wondering if anyone else has faced this same issue and managed to find a solution?

This is the offending PLR6401 rack.  I added the dimensions to help the Givi retailer.


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