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Oxford heated grips for 2017 xrx 800

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Looking into oxford heated grips for my 2017 xrx asked superb ikea shop about the suitable heated grips for it and they have said that oxford do not make them for fly by wire throttle .

Anyone had a successful fit of any as I really do not want to shell out for genuine as the write ups are not  that good and had oxford on my winter Deauville for years and they are excellent.   

You could try R&G Racing - https://www.rg-racing.com/browseType/grips

They don't show a set for RBW throttles but it would be worth asking them if the 25mm bar version would fit on the throttle side, and if so buy a set, plus a spare L/H grip for  22mm bars (one of the things I like about R&G is that they sell all the bits separately).

The OEM grips have mixed reports. The ones I have on mine, and the ones on my T120, work perfectly well and get up to toasty warm, but there's plenty on here who have found them too weak. As for the R&G, I've had them on a couple of bikes - the heater control goes up to five dots and I couldn't manage the heat at more than two (and I like my hands warm).

PS. You may find that you have to click on a load of blurry pictures of objects that aren't part of our indigenous culture or are but have alternative names (eg. crosswalks and hydrants). Captcha, sadly, is everywhere these days.

My Tiger is fly by wire and I have fitted Oxford Grips 👍

Here is my post with video


 :493:Hi Grizzleybear  Do you know which type of Oxford you have fitted to yours and is it DBW please?


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