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nice ride out today ..... BUT NEAR MiSS

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BUT nearly ended up in a ditch, [censored] scottish road repairers, don't give a [removed by auto profanity filter] about placing any signs to warn people or even sweeping their spillage off the road, they want sacking and thats not too strong.

i even went into the police station and had a discussion with the police , its only a matter of time until someone is seriously hurt by this SHITE repair crew.

they had been wet tarring and chipping PATCHES not full sections patches , BUT there was no signage at all   no warning and total disregard for spillage left on the road i have some video of the near crash and will post it in here later.

suffice to say 2 or three inches deep of gravel about 2 foot wide and 6 feet long left on the carriageway just on the motorcycle line.

as said before no previous warning at all   :232: :232: :232: Click the pic for the video

A definite hazzard!  That was too close.

 :125: I reckon they must have stolen their own signs and cones, before heading for some looting in Manchester!

Pleased you're ok.  What did the police say?

Had the same thing a couple of weeks ago, getting home at 11pm, hit similar, but there was 2-3 fricken miles of the crap, rural road, total darkness and the tar below was still wet too  :232:

Been having "discussions" with the local Highways Dept, but  :157:


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