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Anyone got a Halvarssons Wien jacket ?

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Iím thinking seriously about purchasing a Halvarssons Wien drop liner jacket.

The reviews on YouTube give it a good write up. Wondered whether anyone on the forum has used or owned one ?

Get a laminated jacket. Buy once.

I've got Halvarssons Prime jacket and Prince trousers, and they're fine. Waterproof, OK for warmth but I use a Keis heated waistcoat in winter, otherwise I'd wear a fleece or similar, not just a shirt. Of course, they're obsolete now.

Have a look at Motolegends and their numerous youtube reviews of their stock, they are currently doing a deal on Richa Gortex. The Halversons Wien jacket is £449 and the trousers £339 but the Richa Gortex Infinity 2 Pro jacket is on offer at £330 and the trousers at £280. Worth a look. :084:

Have looked at Motolegends - they rate the Wien very highly.

NB re Laminates have carefully researched and decided with my riding, largely touring during spring to autumn and the desire to keep warm, a drop liner is best for me.


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