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800xcx rear pad pin


Could anyone tell me the length of the rear caliper pad pin on my 2016 xcx? I am after a stainless one off of ebay and they come in three different lengths and the seller needs to know the size.  I need to drill the old one out.   I need a replacement before I attempt this.

Try this thread

May be different - mine is a 2017 XRT - but I ordered these for front and rear and they were fine.

From Racebolt
Stainless Steel Nissin Caliper Pad Pin M10 x 1.0mm 60mm overall length 5.8mm Shank   3   9.87
Stainless Steel Pad Pin Retaining Grub Screw M10 x 1.0mm x 6.0mm   3   8.64

Measured the back , overall length around 59.7mm , head (threaded section ) 11.6mm , hope that helps

thanks for your help guys, I have ordered the pins off ebay


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