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Best place to wire in GPS to switched power 2014 Tiger 800xc abs

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2014 Tiger 800xc abs - I recently got myself a Garmin ZumoXT and looking to wire the mount up for switched power.  I'd prefer not to wire it directly to the battery.  I've already got my oxford heated grips, and a plug for my heated vest both wired directly to the battery.  I've read through the Hanes shop manual, and asked around in a few groups, and most people are twisting their gps positive wire into their tail light lead or headlight lead.

Is there a dedicated switched accessory power source that I can use for the positive lead? And is there a corresponding spot to wire in the negative lead?  I'd like to avoid messing with the wiring to the lights, if possible.

Thanks in advance!

A simple way to tidy up your wiring is to use a fuse box.
Connect the battery +ve to the common terminal, then take your accessory feeds from the outputs; do the same with the -ve from the battery and away you go.
You can take one the feeds from the fuse box to a relay which is controlled from the rear light and you’ve got a switched power source.
Alternatively, leave your permanent battery supplies as they are, and just take the switched supply from the rear light straight to your GPS.
There are lots of ways to do it, decide which is best for you and go for it.

For me Stevie P is on the money, fit a fusebox that can supply whatever power you need. Examples can be from Eastern Beaver amingst the uysusla suspects.


However some people have succesfully powered a GPS from the 'sidelight' supply.

Matt........, “Stevie P”..........., errrrrrrrrr!
I’ll have a pint of what you’ve just had.

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On the other hand as Matt dropped my name in it .... here's my Fuzebox fitment link. :028:



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