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Tiger 800 xc eeprom

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Hi guys would anybody have a copy of the dash eeprom from a 2014 tiger 800 xc. Thanks in advance.

Interesting question that begs another in response...why, what's happened to yours?

I've got one from a 2011 Mk1 but not sure if it's any use to you.

I think my eeprom is corrupt. Tried vairious eeproms with some success but i dont think they are from the 800xc there may be a difference as mine is the abs model. Some no mileage some no fuel indicator or fuel indicator flashing and not indicating unless i reset the bike and it only counts down but does nor register when i fill up and i have to reset again. Thanks for your interest.

Forgot to mention in the first post it is the abs model

My data is from a 2011 XC (non-ABS) but I'm not sure if there's any difference with the ABS version. As far as I recall, when you enable the ABS in the menu the settings get saved in the EEPROM. I can do that using TigerTool on my non-ABS setup and the ABS menu appears.

It may also depend what software you're using to read the EEPROM contents and what file format it's saved as. I had trouble initially until I used my own hardware & software to do this.

EDIT: 3 years ago I fixed the EEPROM on another forum member's replacement clocks. They were from an ABS model but his bike was non-ABS and he had no problems with it. Just disabled the ABS using TigerTool.

I can always PM you a link to download a copy of my saved EEPROM binary file if you want to try it.


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