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Hi all, just about to purchase a 900gt. I note that the front tyre is 100/90/19. When i had an 800xrx a few years ago it was recommended to swap out for 110/80/19. I did do this and it def improved the handling. Has anyone done this on the new 900 ?. thanks in advance.

I asked my dealer to change out the stock tyres for Michelin R5's pre collection. He called me back to say they could not because Triumph have not given permission to put a wider tyre on the T900's
So I put on the Metzler 01's instead as they do a 100/90 front and Michelin do not. Perfectly happy with the 01's , also excellent tyres..

This has just been slightly touched on. :028:


Yes have them on my GTP, got P5s put straight on within a week on buying the bike... but think it’s 110/80 17 right?

Pretty positive Triumph recommend either 110 or 100 so don’t see why previous dealer had an issue with it, perhaps just didn’t want to do it rather than “couldn’t”

Ride into your nearest tyre fitters and they’ll do it for you and without a doubt is the first and the best mod anyone should consider imo.

Either way, enjoy your new ride!

Triumph’s official recommended tyre sizes are shown on their published Tyre Selector here:


The only tyres listed for the Tiger 900 GT models are 100/90-19.

For the Tiger 800 roadie models, it states “front tyre size 110/80R19 59V may be used in markets where the recommended size 100/90-19 57V is not available”.


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