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Expensive 4 day off-road trip
« on: May 05, 2021, 03:56:04 PM »

Cape Town Baviaans Kloof Joubertina George Cape Town

Day 1:
Hard day on the bike had to do 565km in under 7 hours with last 60km on dirt, left Paarl at 12:30.
Last bit into the Baviaans the sun went down behind the mountains sooner than we expected, last hour was done in the dark on dirt roads.

Got to the cave and found that they did not leave us wood as requested. Had to go find wood in this very narrow gorge, massive cliffs both sides. Walking up the gorge heard animal sounds above us, I was not scared but Estiaan was crying like a baby. Next minute rocks came falling down the side of the cliff. I also started crying, think we hugged a bit. Got a massive dead branch I had to drag back all on my own as Estiaan was to scared and ran back to camp to get a knife. Came back with a bread knife, what, was he going to cut the beast in the dark a slice of bread?

Day 2:
Through the Baviaans Kloof to Joubertina 229km

Estiaan noticed that the BMWs front shock was leaking some oil. Was not to hectic, just had to keep an eye on it. Worse than that was that all our ice was melted, long day on the bike, no cold beer. Poor Estiaan.
At our first stop we made the executive decision to have a beer before they get to warm to drink. (They were already to warm) Had two.

Day 3: (stuff happened)
Joubertina to George 230km

Out of Joubertina was 40km on tar before we hit dirt road all the way to George.
Were looking for a place to grab a bite to eat as there will be no shops once we hit the dirt roads.

Found a spot about 2km before we turn off onto the dirt. As we stopped Estiaan saw smoke from my bike and then noticed the whole side was full of oil. I know the old Triumphs use to leak oil, but not the new ones. (unlike Land Rover) Realized I did not put the cap back when I filled the bike with oil the night before, jaja. Had to get on the back of the BMW and ride back with the hope that the cap was there and that I did not put it back but did not tighten it and lost it somewhere along the road. Was lying right in the spot where it fell off the foot peg. Got some oil and had a nice burger and a quart of Black Label each, think my new beer. Wian and Deon might be onto something.

The first bit of dirt road was amazing, even did a bit of Dakar (in our heads) riding along this very twisty and narrow little road hugging the side of a cliff. Got some bits of sand and only almost saw our asses 4 times. Had a stop under some trees and realized the 2L coke I had in one of the panniers got a small hole from rubbing. Cant waste coke, time for a rum & coke. They were so nice in the 30 heat, we had to do a Gideon and have two.
That is when it happened, lost the GoPro off the back of the bike. Mounted it with a suction cup onto the top of one of the aluminium side boxes, Estiaan still said should you not attach a piece of string. Showed him no it is fine, can almost lift the bike up on the suction cup. Donderse Rum.
I really thought it would be fine as I was only planning to do 15min of video.
Went back looking but must have ended up in the bushes.
So, if you are looking for a GoPro go and have a look on the side of the road between Joubertina and George. You might also find an empty coke bottle under a tree, sorry Jason.
Rest of the day was smooth sailing, except me sulking.

Did really enjoy riding through the old Montagu Pass, can recommend it. No need for a 4x4, just make sure you dont have TSW rims.
Went for dinner and then Estiaan moans about the bill, he forgot about the second bottle of wine he ordered. And then on the way home he stops to buy coke to have a rum at home. Next morning he wonders why he felt a bit weak.

Day 3:
George to Barrydale on dirt roads then tar back home 401km
Went out of George on some back roads, man that is one pretty place. Almost as pretty as Hayden on his e-bike.

Found our favourite road, this amazing road that goes up and down with no straights longer that 200-300 meters. Also nice and rough in some places, just like Jason likes it. (not his roads)
Took us about two hours to do 80km, was just taking it rustig and enjoying the moment. Think I heard Estiaan sing Hello from Adele at one stage.
We then hit a nice fast bit of dirt road with some granite slabs across it in places. At one stage Estiaan fell very far behind and when he caught up said the shock is gone, bottoming out when he hits the slabs. (think those shocks can only take about 120kg, did not want to say anything.)

Got to the first tar road and stuck to it all the way back.

Because I lost the GoPro that had some really nice footage of the Baviaans Kloof we going back in September.

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Re: Expensive 4 day off-road trip
« Reply #1 on: May 05, 2021, 07:35:24 PM »
Hello again Francois
Another good trip; you certainly give your Tiger a good workout.
Stay safe.
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Violets are blue,
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But this one doesnt.

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Re: Expensive 4 day off-road trip
« Reply #2 on: May 05, 2021, 09:38:55 PM »
 :047: :046: :047:
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Re: Expensive 4 day off-road trip
« Reply #3 on: May 06, 2021, 04:32:33 PM »
Love it, thanks. There I was thinking goinng through a 12 foot long puddle on the A3 was an adventure! Well it is a roadie


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