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Looking to come down to England once lockdown eases , my question is apart from the bacon roll , keyring & book what is the difference between the factory tour and the full works , is there other areas of the factory that you see , only the 2 of us so price wise I know itís based on 4 . Many thanks George

I wonder what they are going to show in the factory, to my knowledge they have completely stopped building bikes in the UK, although they say on the website

Youíll be able to get up close to and receive exciting insights into our manufacturing and final assembly processes. Itís a unique opportunity for you and your guests to see exclusively where the world-renowned Triumph motorcycles are created and built.

I did the standard tour in 2019 and we could see the Tiger explorer being built and various parts. Wonder what they do today....

They machine the cranks & cams.

Weíve been there today.
Although itís obviously not a complete manufacturing plant anymore, it was still interesting to see the crankshaft line, paint shop, 3D printing and other areas.
Also saw how theyíve now started to assemble mainstream bikes (Tiger 900 GT PROs on the assembly today) from boxes once received from Thailand.

Enjoyed the Exhibition area too, particularly the early history bikes and recent TT bikes.

Thanks to all for the input.
Booked in for Sunday 19th so Iíll soon know , on my way to Chelmsford so itís on the way.


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