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Miles Prower:
Anyone know where I can get a beak for my 2016

Might be able to help there - I had the beak removed by Triumph when I bought my 2016 XRX and its in the loft - Cant remember the colour will check

Very sorry I checked and its not there - must have binned it as I didnt like it on the bike

Miles Prower:
Ah emotionally built up and destroyed in a matter of an hour 😀... thanks for looking though 👌

Originally Posted by Miles Prower Anyone know where I can get a beak for my 2016
If no dealers have stock there are several on eBay. There are at least 4 different blacks used on the 800, as follows:-

T2305315-PG = Jet Black
T2305315-PR = Phantom Black
T2305315-PS = Matt Jet Black
T2305315-PX = Volcanic Black

The above part numbers are for the coloured outer part of the beak. You'll also need the support moulding, T2305319, which is always black and the screws/nuts.

Amongst others, the following eBay items are currently available:-
Item # 274784968037 = jet black kit
Item # 373575323335 = phantom black kit

You might be able to get the items a bit cheaper if you search for the part numbers individually rather than a full kit, but the above gets you the kit in one go.

Also see here about part numbers etc:-,28990.msg313276.html#msg313276


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