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Organising Our Forum Photo Galleries


Iím still relatively new around here, so pleas forgive me if I have missed what Iím looking for;
Now I donít have much to organise in my gallery as yet, but for future reference, how dose one remove images and albums that are no long wanted or rename said items?
So far Iím at a loss :157:

I think you need to ask admin to delete them.

It's not something you can do yourself. It's like that as we've had people mistakenly delete images that are in posts which caused mahem and and whole lotta work...

Just complete the deletion form:

It easier if you simply create a folder called "For Deletion" (or something like that), then move your unwanted images into it. Then you can just ask us to remove the images in that folder.

Note:  We don't delete images that are already in posts  :038:

Thanks for the helpful reply :493:
Will bear all that in mind if/when the time comes to delete stuff.


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