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As the Megameet is now in Wales in September, I started planning my tour yesterday and  I was truly shocked by accomodation prices in the UK and elsewhere. Some hotels have stepped up their prices by more than 50% post-covid. The Metropole as the Megameet's base camp kept their prices, but others... wow...

As this something you also notice? There is a place in Devon I stayed in 2018, 60 Euros per nigh excl. breakfast is now up to 99 Euros. A place nearby Aachen I stayed at in 2019 was 59 Euros incl. breakfast is now up to 85 Euros... and this goes on and on...

Are they trying to rip us off as we all are so desperate to go on a tour?

Whats your opinion on that?

Hi Uli
Id like to be proved wrong, but it appears to me that its pure greed.
I fully appreciate that this last year has devastated the hospitality industry, but to try an recoup their losses by inflating the prices for this year is, in my opinion, totally wrong. After all, the people who are wanting to go on holiday have also been hit hard, so why penalise them...?
Just my thoughts.
See you in Wales.

It does seem a sad state of affairs.
Just a question of supply and demand as per school holidays.



I have heard quite a few pubs have raised their prices dramatically,  :009:

I have noticed it also - but to me it's understandable. Most places have had a bad year, government handouts won't have filled the gaps but just kept them ticking over enough to keep them alive, so if there is more demand because we are all going to try and get away in our own countries then the cost is going to go up.

I booked a (car) trip round the North Coast 500 some time ago - heading up there in September - and when I had to change one hotel the closest I could get was around twice what it had been before. I am just hoping that the 11 hotels I have booked actually honour the bookings when the time comes.

Conversely - a trip to the Scilly isles that was due to be taken last May - then put off to early this May and due to lockdown not easing now re booked for August has only gone up a little - in line with normal seasonal variations.


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