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Bluetooth to PMR Radio link


I have a Sena 10s bluetooth intercom fitted to my helmet (great product - love it). I am starting to work as a CBT motorcycle instructor requiring me to communicate with students via PMR446 radio. The sets we use are VOX (voice activated) via a hardwired mic placed in the lid.

Does anyone know if there is an interface item that can connect my Sena to the PMR unit but which will maintain the VOX capability? My search so far on the web suggests that the VOX facility is part of the transmitter circuitry. If this is the case, and a link is made to the Sena headset, my thinking is that speaking into the Sena mic should generate a signal and activate the VOX in the transmitter. Not yet found anyone who can confirm.

Look forward to your the way, currently enjoying the transition to motorcycle trainer (late in life career move) and the Tiger is just a fantastic bike.

Sena sell Bluetooth to radio adapters

Sorry, I donít have an answer to your specific question, but I do have some Autocom kit and radios sat doing nothing if youíre in need of anything?


Try phoning Intaride limited, based in Evesham, I have always used their radios for advanced training, bought abluetooth unit and headset and also a bluetooth to radio interface kit, it's not vox but comes with a bluetooth ptt.  Talk to either Richard or David who own the company and are extremely helpful. The interface kit is £109. They deal mainly with training groups and know their stuff. Hope this helps.


An Interphone Tribe will do what you need, I canít find any new ones but they turn up on the Ďbay occasionally.


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