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TC & ABS warning lights on my 900 GT

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The bike must be stopped to switch into Off Road Mode .
So if you did accidently switch to that mode, it would have happened while stopped, not while accelerating.
It is possible to do by mistake while stopped because you don't have to do the usual throttle close step.
If everything has been good since, then I'd say that could be a possibility.

I've taken the bike out a couple of times to try replicating the fault, but to no avail. Tried an emergency stop from 95mph (always good practice) and the rear ABS kicked in as the tyre unloaded. All seem fine, which is a good thing as the local Triumph dealer tells me he cannot check the faultcode until late August! This could be a spite thing as I gave him a bollocking for poor service 6 years ago. There are dealers within 50 miles other than Webbs of Peterborough :002:


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