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Knocking (ringing, clinking) of the Tiger 800XC 2014 engine (mileage 12,000 km)

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I have a 2014 tiger 800 XC. The mileage is 12,000 km. I was driving on the highway and the engine suddenly rang for 1-2 seconds. I slowed down, and everything disappeared, all extraneous sounds disappeared. But the next day, when I started the bike, it started working exactly like in this video (the video is not mine, but my motor works exactly the same). There was a ringing sound. And this always happens when the bike warms up to operating temperature. I do not know what to do, how to fix the engine? At the traffic light, when I'm standing, it's very audible, it drives me crazy.

No ideas at all? Has no one ever had such a thing?

Hi San. I've listened to the video a number of times but have struggled to identify any sound out of the ordinary? If the sound only appears when the motor is warming up and disappears when it is at the full operating temperature then I would not be that concerned.

But... In the video, a hum can be heard, as if valves are knocking. High-frequency sound. It's like tapping a nail on an aluminum beer can.

Alan B:
The video sound is completely normal for a Tiger 800, they are quite a noisy engine.


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