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hi all, hope your all well

Myself and a few pals are touring Scotland as of the 19th of June, so far we have only firmed up/booked hotels for the following route/waypoints

Day 1 home to newcastle
day 2 john o groats(long hack i know)
day 3 ullapool
day 4 loch lomond

needless to say we have the NC500/Applecross on our radar as well, southbound we will most likely make our way back through the caingorms

other then midge masks and stop for fuel when possible any other must see/dos you would recommend??


That is too long a run to John O'  Groats from Newcastle, but I would give J o' G a miss if I was you unless it's just a tick in the box, the east coast up from Inverness is flat and boring.
I'd stop at Inverness and then head up the A836 to Tongue and down to Ullapool and then head down following the west coast road(Applecross to over the B Na' B and down, but 1 day from Ullapool to Loch Lomond is not enough, The roads down the west coast are narrow and a lot of single track (and camper vans) to deal with, I honestly think that needs 2 days  or it becomes a race and not enough time to take in the views which there are many..

thanks Pal, sound advice, have tweaked to inverness, tbh that was my original plan, after hearing about Scottish miles and how most people don't rate the east coast heading inland from inverness-ullapool-loch lomond then take it from there day to day.



150 MLS is about the most you want to do a day the scenery is amazing take it easy and enjoy it. I ride the West Coast and drop down south at Scorie.

Hi. Def. go for 150mil. Or less stick to the centre or better still the west if applecross come in to it from the north coastal road and then go over it ,up the middle left alone the north coast to Durness donít forget smoo cave down the west coast follow the NC500 route and all youíll see the the backside of camper van and nutters in sports cars that think there F1 material
Just my tuppens worth as Iíve been there a lot 😂


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