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Tiger 800 ABS (2014) gearbox rumble (30000 miles on clock)


Hi there, just wanted some advice.

I have bought a second hand Tiger and noticed the other day that there is rumble from the gearbox whilst it in neutral. I am waiting to take/pass my Mod 2 but have ridden it for my Mod 1 and training and despite the rumble, not noticed anything wrong. My mate borrowed it the other day and said that the noise gets louder when under power in 1st to 3rd and reckons that the shaft bearings are on their way out. There have been no problems changing or staying in gear experienced.

The bike has done 30000 miles so do gearbox bearing problems sound likely?


Not likely unless the previous owner did some damage. I would consider the simple things first like front chain sprocket.

OK, will see.

I understand from other Tiger owners is that the noise in neutral is 'normal' but my mate's view on the noise in 1st and 2nd indicate wear in the gearbox.

Will need to take it back to the dealer.


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