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Evotech TomTom sat nav mount

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Hello (from a newbie member),

I have just taken delivery of my 900 GT Pro and am thinking about options for mounting a TomTom 550.

I have read the various threads below, which seem to indicate that the Evotech option is the best way to go.

A few people have mentioned the TomTom moving around. My question is, is the Evotech solution the best one? I can't really see many other options out there (other than a homemade solution).

All ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated (apologies is this has been covered in a thread I have missed - I have done a search but can't really find a definitive answer).

Evotech works perfectly for me. Quality bit of kit.

TIger Lad:
No issues with my evotech.

The Evotech holder looks the best and is of good quality

quality kit - the long gooseneck might seem to be overly flexible but this is a positive IMO as the movement absorbs/cushions hard knocks better than a solid mount would do

and movement does not equal vibration while riding - the gps unit sits perfectly still during normal riding conditions

perfect position for viewing in both standing and seated positions and mine has not set a foot wrong even while riding gnarly off-road sections


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