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Hello from a London newbie

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Great to be here on this forum. I have just joined having taken delivery of a red GT Pro 900.
I used to have the 800XCX before trading it in for a BMW R1200GS.
Glad to be back in a Triumph and being part of the forum.

Hi and :401:

 :401: :031:

Watchya geeezer; apples n' pears, Daisy Roots' me ol' China, cor blimey guv'nor its taters.
Phew, that took some doin', betcha can't tell I'm not a real Cockerney.
Welcome to the Mad House, what made you give up the GS?

Hi Geoff,
Thanks for the warm welcome.
I gave up the GS because I was doing more riding around town, and a big GS is just too cumbersome for heavy London traffic. I looked at the GS800 and the 800 XR, but neither really matched up to the Tiger.

I had the 800XCX before the GS, so knew that the new model 900 would be equally as good.

Iím slightly embarrassed to say that the heated seat on the Tiger was much more of a deciding factor that I would like to admit!


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