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Idling problems on 800xc


I need some help.  I recently purchased a 2014 800xc.  The idling issues have driven me mad the past two months.  Some days the bike would run correctly and others were like a bucking horse when pulling off from a stop.  I have taken this thing apart down to the throttle bodies so many times I can do it with my eyes closes in about 10 mins now.  I have learned about the stepper motors issues and removed it for a manual adjuster.  The air filter has been changed.  Plugs have been changed.  The bike only has 18 thousand miles.  Now when it is cold the bike runs great but when it gets up to operating temperature it will stutter or miss when pulling off from stop till about 2000 RPMs.  Then the bike runs great.  There isn't an engine light.  I purchased the dealer tool software and there isn't a fault.  I believe that one of the sensors is giving a wrong reading that's causing the fuel and air mixture to cause the stutter once hot.  Doesn't anyone know of a way to check the sensors such as (airbox temp, pressure sensor, and others that affect the fuel & air mixture)? 

You can have these issues with the mas sensor at front of the airbox disconnected. Mind you there should be anil as well if that was the case.

The MAP sensor or vacuum tubes were also my first thought, and the behaviour due to heat may be a red herring. If there is a leak in a vacuum tube it would be most prominent at low idle. The fact that it doesn't appear at cold idle may be because the fuel map is still providing a rich mixture. Once up to temperature the fuel map leans out and the excess air from the vacuum leak exagerates the problem. I replace vacuum hoses as a maintenance procedure, they can go brittle with time and movement.
Another thought is of course coils and fuel injectors but I would look for simple things first.


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