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Death of a Salesman

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Arthur Miller wrote a play called Death of a Salesman What has happened to salesmen, last year my wife was looking for a new car we arranged a test drive, on arriving at the showroom the salesman showed us the model she was interested in, when he came to start the car it was empty of petrol, took 20 minutes or more to get fuel before we could drive it, no apology, we bought elsewhere. A friend of mine whose wife rode a Tiger 800 had a bad accident 2/3 years ago now fit again to ride, decided to test ride a  new Himalayan arranged to pick it up, when she arrived at the showroom somebody had left the lights on all night & the battery was flat, no apology & no test ride. As you know from my previous post I am looking for a new bike, went to the local Triumph dealer sat on a Tiger 900 told the salesman it was too tall, he said yes they are tall, completely failed to tell me that  the seat is adjustable Triumph offer a lower seat or that you can buy a LOW version. Where do they get these people from. As somebody who spent his working life in sales I just despair.

It does seem to be a trend, especially in the motor trade. Good dealers are rare as hens teeth. when you find one stick with 'em.

If you are nto getting any joy from your local Triumph dealer try Staffs Triumph. (Im hoping that you didn't get that reaction form Staffs Triumph TBH). They are not that far away from you, and if you have to ride a bit further/longer  to get it serviced then, erm its a bike, whats the problem

I should make it clear Im NOT connected in anyway, other than a satisfied customer with Staffs Triumph. Im not shilling for them.

Tried three Triumph dealers when I swapped out my Explorer. The only one that tried hard was Chesterfield. Thatís 100 miles from me but they delivered and collected.

Great service.

 I just test rode a GT PRO this morning. Streetbike in Halesowen, Andy was brilliant, knew all about the bike and how to use the TFT screen.

Lots of talk that dealerships will disappear eventually with all new car/bikes being bought online.   :006:


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