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Thinking of joining the gang but vertically challenged....

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Hi been riding for around 7 years and had bikes of all types. Iím only 5ft 6 so a low seat height is a priority. Iím currently on a lovely repsol blade (57) which is a stonking bike but itís just not comfortable enough and does encourage very illegal speeds with great ease. I really fancy an adventure of retro bike and think the 800 tiger would be a good intro to adventure biking? I had a street triple a couple of years back and did like it.
I know there is a low version available but if I could safely lower a standard bike Iíd have a lot more choice. Are they easily lowered? Are they a handful to manoeuvre too being small in stature?

I'm not much bigger than you, about 5'7" in the morning.  I ride an 800 xrx low.  Seat is lowerable though i'm riding it in higher position. It's just right.

5'6" on a good day. Use the standard seat in the low position. Tried the low seat and didn't gel with it as it was a flatter shape and pushed my legs out.

Ditto 5'6". Tall with 29" inside leg and have a dodgy knee but still manage the standard XRT with the seat in the low position.
Boots with a bit of a thicker sole help as well.

The XC is taller so was not an option for me and I would be more comfortable with the XRT being an inch lower but it's not been much of a problem over the last 3 years plus

Now I've penned this I will probably drop the damned thing on the next ride out....

Anyway - try one - make sure the seat is on the low setting - see how it feels.


Thanks for the responses so far, are the models all different heights then? Are some years better than others? Iíve seen a really nice lowered model on a 12 plate for £5k lots of extras. Are the later models a lot better? Worth the extra 3 or 4K?


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