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Duff Battery, Dopey Rider or Disgruntled ECU ?

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Hi Org,

Just after a second opinion on a “one off” starting issue with my 2015 Tiger.

Today I took the bike for around 1-2 hours, I then stopped for 45 minutes at a friend’s place then rode 10 minutes home.
I Parked in front of my garage & turned the bike off so I could unlock the garage, however when I went to restart the bike it wouldn’t fire up.
After cycling the kill switch & kick stand & turning the ignition on/off a few times, I still had no ignition / startup however I realised my rider trips & clock had been wiped from the display. I plugged in my Optimate, waited 10 minutes & the bike fired up first time.

I will admit that after unlocking my garage & trying to start the bike, I think I hit the starter before it had completed the usual start up sequence & when that failed, rather than cycling the ignition I hit the starter button again 2-3 seconds later.
After this, I never heard the fuel pump until the optimate was plugged in.
Did I lock myself out of the ignition by rushing the startup?

Alternatively, however unlikely, could I of left my parking lights ON when I stopped for 45 minutes? Would this of depleted the battery enough to only allow one more ignition/startup?

Or is this a sign of electrical / charging gremlins ?
The optimate went solid green after 30-45 minutes.

Again, no other issues encountered prior to this.
Any help or feedback would be appreciated.

Do you have / or could you borrow a multimeter to check battery / charging condition?

Originally Posted by ItchyOxter Do you have / or could you borrow a multimeter to check battery / charging condition?

Think I might have to.
Only had the Optimate charge status lights as an indicator to the battery health.

How old is the battery?, they are consumables,  do you have the original starter motor, a known issue on older bikes?

The battery would be my primary suspect, especially if the original, check it for a date sticker/label if you don't know. My 2015 battery gave out about 18 months ago. A battery charger cannot give a condition status, it could be fully charged but now only holding minimal actual power capacity.  :027:


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