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Okay lads...show me your tools!

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I bought my 2015 Tiger 800 xcx used.  Actually used is an understatement.  It crashed, was pronounced dead, resuscitated, and resurrected.  I call it the "PomPuss" but maybe "Phoenix" would be better  :084:
Unfortunately it came without an Owners Manual or TOOLS!  Considering a Wera 3/8" metric socket set to stuff under there but I'd have to trim off a couple of the plastic "cradles" that appear to have held tools so that the tidy cloth case can fit.  But before I do...

Let's see if you have anything to brag about stuffed in there! (under your pillion cushion)

Pics and tool lists are  :401:
Or how about the most useful tool that you just wouldn't hit the roadtrip or trail without?  (I just know someone is gonna post a pic of their riding buddy on this one...)

BTW - the title implies that only lads have tools.  This was for shock value only to rustle up some interest.  Ladies and those in-between, I'd love your input also  :028:

Just a quicky, but I pinched an idea off here.... Drill small holes in the plastic bracing under the pillion seat and thread elastic string through it.  Ideal for keeping pliers etc which are too big to sit comfortably in the well.  No photos atm as such I'm away on my Royal Enfield Interceptor!


Steve, I think KildareMan has the same great idea. 
Thanks for the pics KildareMan, a fine use of all available real estate - and the Knipex plier wrench is brilliant!!

Another question is...

What have you tucked in the less accessible "emergency" space behind the pillion seat, under the plastic tail cover?
I went to great lengths to fabricate a top rack (plate) above this for my top box that is easily removed so I could access this space for say... a survival kit.


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