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Okay lads...show me your tools!

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Nothing under the rack. I do have a t-bar poking into our from under the pillion seat though.

A long time back, when ABS was still an option  :492:. Someone posted a design for a lockable store under the top box plate.
Essentially it was made using bar staock, suitable folded, relocated the existing seat lock. But I can't remember who it was or what he called it. Ive tried searching for it but no joy.

IIRC he used it to stash his lunchtime pies without a topbox, rucksack etc....
seemd a good idea TBH, although it could push the topbox moutnign palte higher, and for people with a top box that could be an issue with weight distribution or CoG.

Currently making a 'hardware' box to fit behind the lhs pannier rack. Just for when away on longer trips for tools and any other bits that would be handy to keep on board for camping etc.
Using a bit of black sewer pipe and a few standard fittings with a few improvised brackets.
Will post up a few pics when I get round to finishing it

A saw holder!  Another great idea  :152:

When I get back from my roadtrip to interior British Columbia I'll post the pics of what I managed to stuff under the seat - including that socket kit from Wera and a couple of 16" Motion Pro tire levers.

In the meantime, hopefully more of you will proudly display your tools!

Originally Posted by Whiskery1 A saw holder!  Another great idea  :152: :001: hahaha, Dragons den for me


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