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Attended Triumph Cheltenham. Peeing with rain. Parked in car park.Young lady comes out of a portakabin to tell me the showroom is closed due to refurbishment but that they are dealing with sales in the portakabin. Salesman not back for 15 mins. She asked if I wanted to wait or come back? All very polite and friendly

Er no!!

Showroom windows plastered with signs saying "Showroom open as normal during refurbishment" Very few bikes visible.

BMW dealer full of stocks, welcome, come in and browse. Test riding a 1250RT on Tuesday as I miss my K1600 (Now discontinued)

Looks like I will be keeping my Tiger after all.

I haven't visited the showroom as I know it's undergoing refurb. I test rode a 900 at another dealer who couldn't supply before September. So I bought over the phone from Blade. It's been brilliant for me, sorry it wasn't for you.

Thanks Tallpaul.

It might just be me not looking like I have the wherewithall to buy a bike.!!

When I wanted to trade my Explorer in for my Tiger I went into Cheltenham and Stratford, left details for a phone call - nothing.

Triumph Birmingham even told me to shop elsewhere -they closed soon after.

I contacted Steve Wragg at Chesterield by phone. A little while later a video arrived by email with a walk-round of my Tiger, a price, a trade-in for my Explorer and they would deliver/collect. All unseen. Shame he is no longer there :003: I bought two bikes from him.

I may be wrong but it seems to me that Triumph have gone the old BMW way - you are lucky we are talking to you and considering selling you one of our magnificent bikes.

We'll see. I am tempted by a 1250 RT but have not discounted another Triumph yet.

I can hear you all thinking there is quite a difference between a 900 and 1250 and that I don't really know what I want yet. And, you are right so far :001: But, in my heart I would love another K1600GTL as it's by far the best bike i have ever owned (closely followed by my VStrom) but at the moment my head is ruling my heart. Who knows?

All fair comments, Grumps.
I phoned for a test ride at Streetbike in Halesowen and they were expecting me and gave me a lot of attention. So much so, that I almost feel guilty not buying from them, but the wait is too long.
Cheltenham Blade dealings have all been email and phone, can't fault their service so far. Bike is due after lunch tomorrow, so we'll see how good the actual service is.

Let us know how you get on :031:


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