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Originally Posted by fastnfat Had an email from Blade Triumph in Stratford last week promising immediate delivery on all new Triumphs😉

The small print, in font size 1 - white on a white background - "If in stock"   :017: maybe?

Originally Posted by KildareMan The small print, in font size 1 - white on a white background - "If in stock"   :017: maybe?
Nope, can’t see that caveat anywhere! But........🤓

Availability here in the states seems similar to Europe as demand far outstrips supply of the Tiger 900’s.  Bought mine in early March ‘21 when we still had over 2’ feet of snow on the ground.  Dealer is a bit over 2 hours South of me so I drove downstate just to see and sit on a Tiger 900 having never seen one.  I did own an 800 XCx but wanted to see the 900 before committing $$$.  Liked what I saw, put a deposit down on it, and planned to return in a few days with a trailer to take it home. (I don’t ride in Winter due to our maritime “black ice” on roads)  The Tiger 900's had just come in that week and they had about 9 Tiger 900’s for me to pick from, GT’s, GT Pros, both Rally’s and even an 850.  When I returned in a few days to take mine home all the rest had sold with most already gone. And this was March in snow country!

Now it seems they get in batches of only one model 900…currently all Tiger GT’s (no Pro’s or Rally’s)  Not sure if it’s the same all over the States but up here in Northern New England pickin’s are slim and each state (Maine, New Hampshire & Vermont) have only one Triumph dealer per state.  So moral of the story is…if you see a T900 you like in stock - grab it!


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