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Chzman from Boise, Idaho

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Hey, Chzman from Boise, Idaho just joined.

I am an Idaho Star motorcycle training Instructor for 25+ years, and just bought a 2016 Tiger 800 XCX this week, with 4087 miles on it.

Had to replace my beloved 2006 Suzuki DL1000 Vstrom from a deer strike on June 11 2021, in the middle of nowhere, outside Antelope, OR on Hwy 293.  Fortunately she was a young doe, not too big, but unfortunately her life ended abruptly that day.  I controlled to bike to a low-side get off and slide about 20 feet on my arse.  Tore a hole in my Olympia pants, but that was all for the gear damage.  I am an ATGATT guy, and will always where all the gear, so that is what paid off for me.  Glad to be walking and hope the Tiger lives up to its reputation.  Getting used to ALL the electronics on it!!

Chuck Jenkins


Hi and :401:

Hi Chuck, and welcome to the forum.


TIger Lad:
 :401: to the family from the uk.  :031:


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