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Hi from Barcelona


Hi all, new user pretty much set to get a Tiger 800 ABS or maybe XC ABS. I used to have a V-Strom 1000 in the states but I've been bikeless for the last year due to moving. Let's hope I 'll be able to wait until March....



i'll be over in Barcelona next week 24/25th Nov riding the Tiger with Triumph, what's the weather like so i know what to pack ?

Thanks in advance.

It's been a little crazy these last few days, mostly sunny but strong winds and generally feeling very cold (for barcelona at least). I would suggest to check the forecast before you leave and take it as colder than you'd imagine it cause the humidity here is a killer. Today it topped at something like 18 C but it felt like 12-13 or something like that. I would imagine the winds up in the mountains could make it worse but like I said , it's crazy lately, it was hot like summer two weeks ago.

Hey, if you find yourself in the city, maybe I'll buy you drinks if you give me the inside scoop on how it is ??? :002: not joking about it...


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