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TIger Lad:
Hi.  Just had my renewal notice of insurance for my 900gt pro, £400 per year (Carol Nash) I think because itís a new model they have loaded it. They are taking the mick. Please can I be nosey and ask what other 900 gt pro owners are paying and who with?

Hi, you need to change insurer every year. Insurance companies get big discounts for new buisness. I changed from principal who were very good to bennetts in may this year. I have two bikes on one policy. 2017 explorer (1200cc), and tiger 900gt 20 reg. both are fully comp, protected no claims, legal expenses. How much i hear you ask ? £277.19p.

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As above ...... always shop around.

Just put my Tuono back on the road.... tried a price comparison site and it came up with £96.
Noted neither Carol Nash or Bennets were in the top 10 so put my detail direct on their website.
CN £256 , Ben £95 - all identical cover / excess etc so went with Bennets.
I'm sure I will have to repeat the process again next year !

I've been with Carol Nash for years but I've rarely renewed on the price they present on their renewal note.
Either I've went back into C.N. as a new customer and have ALWAYS got a cheaper quote than the renewal cost.
Or I've called them and discussed the quote which they can usually get some discount.
I tend to stay with them for the EU cover for breakdown etc..


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