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I haven't used Carole Nash for a good few years now, always too dear.  I rotate my bikes round MCE, Bennetts, Devitts, this year using Brightside for the Tiger.
Also just to add, i used to have a multibike deal but insure them separately now as i was only getting one NCB credit per year even though two bikes were insured.

I have 4 bikes on a multibike policy. Added my GT Pro last week, making 5 bikes. Extra premium was £105 to the policy renewal date, which multiplies up to £140 per annum. Happy with that, Peter James Insurance.

Carole Nash will never see another penny from me after an incident 10 years ago.

It’s called “The Insurance Premium Game”………, hope you’re all playing at home.

TIger Lad:
Thanks to the guys who replied. Went on a compare site got quotes ranging from £180 to £250 all nearly like for like. Armed with this info phoned C/N and had a discussion with the adviser I managed to reduce the premium from £400 down to £232.00 and with lower excess. Probably stay with C/N. They were very good dealing my accident 4years ago.

Originally Posted by Phil_from_Derry I haven't used Carole Nash for a good few years now, always too dear ....
I was with CN for the best part of 20yrs until my Street Triple renewal in 2014 was ridiculously raised. Moved to Bennetts for half the CN price, though without the CN inclusive breakdown, etc. which I never used/needed ... and ironically with the same insurance company (Equity Red Star). Then after a bit they inevitably hiked their renewal up wildly and I'm currently with Aviva Direct (who have no longer taking new motorcycle customers). I'll see what my August renewal brings, hopefully not another round of chasing quotes.


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