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Sena 50S

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Hi all, I'm thinking of investing in a Sena 50S as it's allegedly the most reliable Bluetooth Headset on the market.

Anybody got one who can confirm it's reliability and ease of set up/use?

I have 3 different Sena headsets all worked great.

I have a Sena 20S Evo - as do some mates - they work well but the only thing I will say is that Sean are wildly optimistic in the distance they say they work over, if you are strung out in a bit of line then they will relay from front to back, but if you get far behind you lose connection.
There is an app that keeps them connected using data from the phone - but not tried that one as yet.

Search YouTube for FORTNINE.

He hates Sena with a passion. Can't recall which brand he says to go for but he really hates Sena.

Cardo.... love mine! :001:


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