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Top box ??

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I bought the 2011 Tiger 800 ABS which had panniers nut no box, as I'm new to this bike - what do I need to fit a decent, sturdy top box to my bike - it has the plastic rack thing fitted - thanks

You will need a rack to attach to the rear frame.
Available from SW Motech, https://sw-motech.co.uk/
GIVI https://www.givi.co.uk/
Hepco and Becker https://www.hepco-and-becker-luggage.co.uk/

Shad https://shad.co.uk/
Or at https://www.adventurebikeshop.co.uk/hard-luggage/

Bound to be something suitable

Every ones opinion differs but I prefer my Shad 36l (I think) to my Hepco and Becker 42l box.

I went for the standard Triumph Adventure one - seems ok so far. Looks nice!

Also just bought 2011 Tiger 800 ABS.

I changed the mounting plate to the givi mount. Flogged my Explorer topbox (and panniers) it was far too heavy and too tall. Givi boxes much better IMHO.


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