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Snowdonia 360

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In a few weeks Iím off to Snowdonia for a couple of nights camping.
Iíve bought a map from the official 360 website, but was wondering if anyone has a GPX route of it or knows where I can download one?

I can always plot it manually into Calimoto, but would prefer a proper GPX.


I wasn't aware of the Snowdonia 360 till now. Id heard of the SW Mob, sorry crew's, SW360...

FWIW I'd ditch the Anglesey sections, theres not a lot of memorable roads to ride on Anglesey istself, perhaps aside from the N/E coast road. the rest is just, meh.

You can cram in as much as you like on the Snowdonia, well as much as time permits.
If you are looking for inspriration I think we have done 3 or 4 group rides (megs/mini meets in Snowdonia theres routes a plenty. Just get an OS map and look for the twisties. Refuelling can be an issue  but you are never 'that' far from a petrol station assumign you dont' let the tank drain don to 2 bars or less... but you are out in the boonies so you have to refill early to make sure you  can keep going.

For me 360 in a day, especially if its lots of twisties, and there are platny to be had in North Wales is a loit. Say over 2 days then no problem. That may reflect my age, your mileage may differ.

healdem, thank for your reply.

Thereís a GPX file to download on the AdventureBikeRider.com webpage. It doesnít appear to cover the whole 360 route but it may be a start for you to compile a GPX for the complete ride. Good luck and safe riding!


Originally Posted by healdem I wasn't aware of the Snowdonia 360 till now. Id heard of the SW Mob, sorry crew's, SW360...
.... yes ... and the last one was nearly 6yrs ago (RIP Greg) ... it certainly 'broke in' my new 4 day old Tiger. :005: :008:


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