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Evening Meals at the Metropole

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Hi all

I have spoken with the hotel today and as the hotel will be full, they have given us a room for the Megameet, so that we can mix and eat together. The plan would be that we all eat at the same time as opposed to staggering our meals.

The time proposed is 8pm for the Friday and the Saturday evenings. Saturday should be fine, but as I am not sure of your arrival times on the Friday, please can you indicate if you will be able to attend the Friday evening meal for 8pm.

Many thanks in advance.

Dai and Tom


   8pm is fine by me Dai,see you soon,Iain.

 :028: Fine with me Dai .... I'll be following Rozzer there. :164:

8pm is fine with me.

I'm sure I'll have some snacks with me in case I get peckish beforehand!

Hi Dai…., that always sounds weird, but never mind; bit like, “Hi Jean”….
Anyway, 8 is good for me; hopefully T800XC will bring enough snacks for two!


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