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2012 800XC 3rd gear 3000RPM pulsing vibration/noise


Hi All,
I have bee searching for answers without any luck. Please help.
I have a 2012 800XC. It has done around 17000kms. I have owned for about 6 months. I have started to notice a strange noise/whine/vibration/whirr sound. (It's hard to describe exactly) This only occurs or is only noticeable when in 3rd gear between 2000rpm and 4000rpm. It is at it's worst at 3000rpm.

I can only describe it as a pulsing sound/vibe as it is not a constant sound. Similar to an unbalanced rotational load. whirr..whirr..whirr..

This may have been the case from this day I bought it, but may not have noticed as it only occurs in 3rd gear and only at this specific rev range.

I hope I have made sense. Please don't mock the layman's description of a highly technical issue. :187:

Any thoughts or help would be much appreciated.

This is a post I wrote 12 Aug on the forum on a very similar question, might be worth considering....

Anyway, back to the topic regarding the noise...quite often the drive chain tension and/or the wear on the front sprocket can cause those noises and it is  hard to pinpoint the source of the  sound as it is transferred through the bike. Check chain and sprocket wear and lubrication. If the noise correlates to road speed rather than engine rpm, you can eliminate the cam chain as a possible source.
Look for the simple cause first. Not likely to be the gearbox."

Like my 2012XC,  early bikes had a chain rubbing strip that was not overly efficient. The later models had an improved one, which has more material on the underside of the swing arm. I have seen pictures that show chain wear in the surface of the swing arm on older machines. I fitted a newer style to mine, and its noticeably quieter.


Hi TigerMan,
Agree with LondonGlide on the Chain Rubbing Strip(s).
The upgraded 'strips were included in the full 20,000 km service parts kit, so fitted them while I was at it.  Marked difference in 'odd noises', and I did notice chain contact marks when I pulled the swingarm out so as to check & lube the plethora of bearings thereon.

May be with fitting anyway?

Thanks for the info. I will look at replacing the chain rubbing strip. The the fact that this noise only happens in third gear is puzzling. I have tried to replicate it in other gears, at the same rev range but nothing....


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