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Tiger 900 Rally Pro - Vibrations & fuel
« on: August 24, 2021, 08:05:50 PM »
I've had occassional pins and needles in my throttle hand riding the Tiger since I purchased it a year ago from vibrations, nothing terrible as the cruise control plus lack of rider weight on the bars means its fairly easy to adjust and my previous bike was a Ducati which was both heavy on the wrists and also gave me pins and needles so the Tiger in that respect is much better.  Stompgrip helped on the Ducati using my core to support myself more, but don't feel I need it on the Tiger.

Anyway, after a year of ownership and 11000 miles using Supermarket bog standard fuels I thought I'd try some non supermarket fuel, and filled up from empty with a tank of premium Shell V-Power.

The vibrations that caused the pins and needles were almost instantly gone and the engine is notably smoother. 

Very pleased  :300: . I assume the supermarket fuel I used was E5 last year, which recently moved to E10, although whether its this (as Premium doesnt have ethanol in it I believe) or general fuel quality from supermarkets I have no idea.



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