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Fosse Way By-way

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Great morning out today riding the Fosse Way by-way from Fosse Gate near Chippenham to Kemble.
The ride begins with this long stretch of smooth gravel:

Most of the by-way is like this, it's better than many tarmac roads. Navigation is easy; it's a Roman road so just keep going straight.

The first gravel section leads on to a few miles of road, then the roads turns off and you duck through a hole in the hedge onto a much narrower track wide enough for bikes only:

All fully legal, but definitely not Vegas:

The bikes only section continues after crossing a road:

This leads to a steep and twisty descent (well, I found it challenging anyway):

At the bottom there's a river bridge, a very tranquil spot:

Then it's a steep, but thankfully straight, climb out of the valley, through a gate and onto more wide gravel tracks eventually leading to a ford:

Too deep, rocky and slippery looking for me, so I took the little stone bridge to the side, which wasn't easy either:

Finally there are some more sections of easy, wide gravel tracks until you come to a final road crossing where there is only a what looks like a footpath ahead; this section is truncated by Kemble airfield so I gave it a miss and turned right towards Kemble. The airfield is the final landing place for many aircraft, there's a thriving business here dismantling them:

Disappointingly, the AV8 cafe at the airfield was closed today, but other than that it was a great ride. Everyone I met, walkers, runners, horse riders and farmers, was friendly.
The Tiger handled everything with ease and it certainly felt good to push my riding envelope  :001:

Hi D6864, yes a great little road that! Though I joined it a little further up than you, nearer to Malmesbury.
I decided to chance my luck with that ford last year, and got the front wheel jammed at an angle between two surprisingly large stones and stalled!
Eventually got out but with boots full of water!
Wished I had taken the bridge option afterwards, took a week for the insides my boots to fully dry!

Sounds like I made the right choice then! Glad you got out without dropping the bike.

My local easy ride......when you got to the road at the end of the Byway (North end) did you go up the track to the dead end or through the gate and across the fields!!!(this is a UCR and legal on the bike).

Unfortunately the AV8 is currently closed Sundays  :110:

Tip, never cross in water if an alternative is available!


I'd watched a YouTube video and seen that the dead end section up to the airfield boundary looked a bit more challenging so I gave it a miss, maybe next time  :002:

Are there any other trails in the area?


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