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Tiger 850Sport Headlight cover - question on fitting


Just looking at the official Triumph headlight cover for the 850S (fits the 900's too). In the pic on the Triumph website it shows it mounts with 3 screws yet quotes a fitting time of 60mins. What am I missing? Why does it take an hour to add 3 screws? Is there something unusual about how the screws fit or require other parts to be removed first? Would it just be simpler to get the R&G cover which appears to be velcro mounted? May be a long shot but does anyone have the fitting guide?

Have you taken a look at the fitting instructions? They seem quite detailed so I'm not surprised they're saying to allow an hour.

You can get a copy here... https://www.triumphinstructions.com/ ...then enter the part number, A9830079.

Many thanks. Didn't know about that site. Found the fitting guide and, yes, its really complicated and involves taking the screen and other parts off to fit. Comparing that to the Givi headlamp cover that just fits using the two side screws it seems overly complex. Considering the Triumph version is not even approved for the road (so may fail an MOT eventually) I'm beginning to feel my money should be spent elsewhere. :006:


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