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I purchased a BBFly BF323-01 cable on AliExpress.
The CD-ROM enclosed with the cable will not run properly on my Windows10 laptop and I haven’t been able to download drivers from the AliExpress store or the Black Butterfly website.
No instructions were included and I’m wondering if I received a counterfeit cable.
That aside, would anyone be able to provide me with a link for drivers that will work with Tigertool?
Thanks in advance

There's no need to use the CD supplied with the lead nor use their website. I'd go as far as to say definitely don't do that.

Windows should find the drivers for that lead automatically. I'll check the driver details for my lead when I get home later unless someone bests me to it.

Thank you so very much.  I couldn’t have had a better member reply.  Thank you very much for developing and hating the Tiger Tool. Best regards

That should say “sharing” not “hating”

The BBFLY lead uses the FTDI USB bridge chip and my Win10 laptop is currently using driver version, although the latest version available appears to be V2.12.36.4. Mine installed automatically when the lead was first connected as it's available via Windows Update.

If you're still having problems, you should be able to download the correct driver from here...


Hope that helps.

(Sorry, wrote this last night when I got back from the pub but nodded off on the keyboard!)  :138:


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