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DTC P1698 error after new battery and regulator


Ive got a 2015 Tiger 800 XRx I'm trying to diagnose/fix. Long story short, it had code P1698 and a dead battery.

I replaced the battery but still got the code. I then mistakenly used my old/cheap voltage meter that itself had a bad battery which told me I was measuring 18.8 volts across the battery.

Given that, I replaced the voltage regulator, then I realized my meter had an issue since I still got too high of measurements.
After resolving my meter issue, I get a solid 14.4V, so I'm not sure if the regulator had an issue to start with.

The bike starts and runs fine, but after several starts/stops, I still get the P1698 code. I think its supposed to clear after 3 good starts, so I guess its still got an issue.

I also now notice a high-pitched squeal when I turn the key to ON and for a few seconds after I turn it off. It sounds like a bad capacitor to me, but no idea beyond that.

Any ideas what issue it might still have?
Im probably going to try riding it to the dealer this week, but the closest one is 45 miles, so wondering if Ill make it that far.

That error code is common when you've had a battery fault. It will remain unless you either clear it using a diagnostic tool (TigerTool, TuneECU etc) or you complete 3 warm-up cycles of the engine.

From the service manual...
A single warm-up cycle is deemed to have taken place when the following criteria have been met:

- The coolant temperature must be raised to 72C or more.
- The coolant temperature must have risen by 23C or more from its start temperature, when 72C is reached.
- A controlled power-down sequence must take place.
So if you're only doing simple or short duration start / stops cycles then you won't have met the criteria listed above.

Your rectifier/regulator was probably fine, so keep it in case you ever have problems with the replacement.

The high pitch noise may have always been there but you're noticing it now because you're looking for problems. The fuel pump always makes a noise on startup and about a minute after power-down, but it's not really high pitched. The stepper motor that controls the throttle does make some high pitched noises. Try turning the ignition on in a quiet environment (but don't start the engine) then twist the throttle. You'll probably hear the stepper motor whistling with a change in frequency depending on the throttle position. This is all perfectly normal.

Hopefully the error will clear after the full cycles mentioned.

 If it doesn't you will need to focus on the
 " 5V  Sensor supply Circuit", which is the fault for that error code. The ECU provides that voltage source for many of the sensors.

Thank you both for replies.

Yes I only did quick start/stop so I didn't get the temperature differential in play. I'll go on some longer rides and see if it clears on its own. Went for a 10 mile ride today and everything seemed fine.

I agree, I was probably just being paranoid about the noise I hear also. I'll post back here either way when I know for sure.


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