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Rectifier Questions .. Oil Filled & needs to be mounted Plugs up?

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Using my Isolation time to pull the Tiger apart and do lots of little mods and clean ups.

Read along the way that the Rectifiers can get really hot. Obviously not in a good spot with Pipes, behind the radiator etc.
So pulled it out to mount it in a cooler spot. FH020AA. The Google machine says heat is its biggest enemy.

One plug has oil in the base of the mount which suggests that the Rectifier is oil filled??  and needs the plugs mounted on the top and not mounted sideways or upside down ?

Presuming that's a YES..... is there an issue having traces of oil in the plug base or can I just clean it out and continue.

Its the regulator part of the RR that gets hot because it has to dissipate the excess energy from the generator that the bike doesn't need. It is effectively connected thermally to the external heatsink body. Max rated temperature for commercial electronic components is 70 deg C and, if they get much hotter than this, they will fail prematurely. The cooler you can make the RR run, the longer it will last.

From a thermal engineering point of view, there would be nothing to be gained from filling them with oil. That said, people have reported oil dripping from them. Consensus seems to be that it might be melting packing grease or engine oil that that has seeped along the wiring harness to the RR.

These R/R's do not have oil in them. What you have found must have come externally or it might be residue from a dielectric grease that was put there to keep out moisture within the connector body.

Thanks Guys. Most appreciated.

I was going to apply dialectic grease myself after cleaning it up. When I remount it I have more options now and will try to do connection plugs facing down.

The only challenge now will be unwinding some of the loom to gain some slack on the Pos & Neg wires.

From a guy who has only ridden Dirt Bikes and has an old Suzuki Bandit there is a mass of wires and switches under there!

The RR works hardest at higher engine revs because that is when the maximum excess energy from the generator needs to be dumped into its heat sink. In general, the higher the sustained revs from the engine, the faster the bike will be going and the greater will be the amount of cooling air flowing over the heat sink to keep it cool.

I haven't looked at my XCA closely but looking at the pictures in the Haynes manual, the RR looks to be reasonably well located to get good air flow over the top of the radiator. I may be wrong but I wasn't aware that there was a particular problem with RR failing on a Tiger 800. Therefore, this may be a case of going to a lot of trouble to solve a problem that doesn't exist although improving the air flow over the RR wont doing any harm :084:


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