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Tire options for a 2016 Tiger 800 XR

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The stock Metzler Tourance Next tires on my 2016 Tiger 800 XR are worn out.
I've tried to get a new set and I can't get the front tire. What alternatives have been tried? I'm a non-aggressive road rider in New York state.

If you went to (for this question) and used the 'tyres and wheels' section you will find a thousand posts on the subject of tyres and latest available popular choices .... 99% suggesting put a 110/80 radial on the front for vast improvement but only 1% would recommend staying with the horrible OEM factory choice of Metzeler Tourance Next.

Thanks for the tip. I'm on the road and searching with a phone. It's not easy.

Avon Trailrider 110/80 x 19.
The 110/80 tyres are radials and the 100/90 (as per the OEM tyre) are bias belted. Regardless of which 110/80 you go for the handling and steering will improve noticeably.

I just replaced the oem tires with Micheline R5, totally transformed, for the better, my 2017 XRX. It's like a different bike now.



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