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Idle speed drops after revving

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Hi all, I wondered if it's just my bike (2018 800 XCA) or do they all have the problem of the idle speed dropping after revving the engine.

This has become quite annoying to the point of stalling the bike while filtering last week. Basically while filtering I'm feathering the clutch with the occasional blip of the throttle, all low speed stuff.

The revs then briefly drop to below idle speed then rise to normal idle. Sometimes its a pain when you just go to release the clutch just as the revs drop and end up stalling the bike.

I've tried all the rider modes and its the same in each one. Any suggestions most welcome!

I'd have to try doing it on my XCA but I'm sure the revs don't drop below the idle speed when the throttle is blipped. The only thing I can think of that might cause this is if the throttle synchronisation is out. Might be worth checking this with TigerTool or TuneECU.

On reflection, its possibly a problem with the stepper motor that controls the idle speed if one is fitted to your later Tiger 800.

As with throttle synch, you can check the stepper motor using TuneECu and probably also TigerTool.

Thanks for your replies, I will check the throttle balance first as I have Dealertool. Not sure about stepper motor, but will have a look and see if itís clean and working properly.


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