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East of England Roads Suggestions for Tomorrow


I was planning on a two day trip to Wales tomorrow but it looks like the West of the UK is in for Thundery Showers.

Therefore I think a day trip East is my best option and I'm open to route suggestions south of The Wash and north of Chelmsford.

Oh and if you know of a Cider Mill/Farm thats got its own shop that would be great!

Most of us will be heading for Wales on Friday  :028:

The coastal road from Hunstanton to Cromer is good, as long as the Snails (motor homes) have disappeared.
Then drop down to Suffolk South of Lowestoft, drop in on Southwold, then go a little further south on the A12 and head to the coast, Dunwich, Westleton, Alttelborough, Snape, Orford, Wood bridge.
Then head inland to Framingham on to Eye, out to Bury St Edmonds and visit Krazey Horse motorcycles.


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